This is a list of my editorials and a couple of links to others I like. It's mostly on GA avionics. It's not a Blog as there is no provision to store comments from readers. I normally just link into other threads and people can place their comments there.

Garmin GTN series Updated Aug 15, 2011: My early view of the new technology from Garmin - or why can't we have some some desperately needed competition.

Avionics Having been around aviation, electronics and software for a fairly long time, I want to comment on the general aviation (GA) avionics industry.

Glass Cockpits are expensive to maintain A link to an Aviation Consumer article detailing how newer avionics can have hidden costs (SR-22, G1000)

Browsing hint: Do a Google search on "How about a 1300-hour 2005 Cessna 172SP ". This will show a link to the whole article without "subscribing to Goliath" hassles.

Collected magazine articles on Grumman's single engine aircraft in a big 72 Mbyte PDF file. (right click the link to save it locally)